Merry Christmas!

25th Decembre 2018

With this (not so classical) song, I want to wish y'all a merry Christmas! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! ;)


28th February 2018

I'm sorry to say this but I decided to take a social media break for a while. Since 2009, I uploaded nearly weekly content on my pages. Now, where I'm 27 and finished my studies, I've got the feeling that I have to get my life together on different levels. The next weeks, maybe months, will probably be a bit stressing; I write a lot of applications these days and think about new ideas and plans for my future - and I want to focus on that at the moment because I do look for something that satisfies me on the long run... I still want to spend a year outside of Germany as well and to work this plan out, I have to be more dedicated. As much as I enjoyed uploading song covers lately, it takes a bit more time than most of you may think to practice, film and edit the material. Also, I'd need new people to work with. I can't really put in the effort I'd like to invest right now, and I don't want to deliver half-hearted work. Music should be heartfelt, enthusiastic and passionate. I'll be back as soon as I'm ready to do so - I hope, you are patient... I promise to do my best to be able to post more regularly again later this year. ❤ Jenna

New Cover!

13th January 2018

My new song cover is a mix of Lady Gaga's "Marry the Night" and "Murder" by Within Temptation. I found a metal remix of "Marry the Night" on YouTube and used it as the base for my own cover version. Check it out and leave a comment if you like to - I'm curious about your opinions! :)

I have a special deal with New Rock Australia for you! Order a pair of shoes (or something else) and get 5% off - just use the code: "JennaJacob" :)

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Coffee for me? :)

19th June 2017

Artists are mostly night people - and so am I. If you want to help me to stay awake (to finish my Bachelor thesis in time and to be able to be musically more active again), you can grant me a coffee. :)

New Cover!

04th April 2017

My new song cover is "Do Me Like A Caveman" by Edguy - I love the melancholy of the song and at the same time it's power.I hope you like it. Check it out and leave a comment if you like to - I'm curious about your opinions! :)

Shop - Temporary Solution

13th March 2017

Until my old shop system is working again, you can use this temporary solution:

Big Cartel | Jenna Jacob | Official Shop

Looking for a band/collaborations/projects | WORLDWIDE

08th March 2017

As many of you may know, I'm looking for a band (or musicians to found a band with). If you're looking for a singer, get in touch with me: [email protected]
I'm open to everything in metal/alternative rock that is melodic enough for me to sing. ;)
I'm also available for projects and collaborations like duets etc. - also online. Worldwide!

Shop is closed atm

19th February 2017

Unfortunately I have to close my shop for a while due to some technical problems... In the meantime you can still order via e-mail!
[email protected]

"Supreme Insane Vocal Ranges"

21th January 2017

Today I can share this video with you which I made for Metal Female Voices Community. In their "Supreme Insane Vocal Ranges" series, they let female singers introduce themselves and talk about their personal vocal exercises to encourage other female singers. I'm glad to be part of this amazing project!

New Year's Sale in my Shop

31th December 2016

The New Year starts tomorrow - that's definietly a reason to celebrate! Get 17% off from 01.01.2017 to 08.01.2017! Just use the code: Happy 2017

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Merry Christmas!

24th December 2016

I have a little Christmas surprise for you - a cover of "Lucifer" (one of my favorite Avantasia songs)! I hope you like it. Check it out and leave a comment if you like to - I'm curious about your opinions! :)

Halloween Special in my Shop

23th October 2016

Every order in my shop (placed until Halloween, midnight) comes with a fre gift. (Trick or) Treat yo' self! ;)

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Official EP-Preview

15th May 2016

You can find the official preview of my EP now on YouTube. Check it out and leave a comment if you like to - I'm curious about your opinions! :)

EP release

13th May 2016

My EP is now officially released - download it on all commom platforms or (if you really want to support me) get the CD in my shop (CD signing is possible). ;)

Get my CD here!

Pre-Order EP

1st May 2016

Today my store opens at 8 p.m. (CET) - you'll be able to pre-order my EP "NO TURNING BACK" there. Shipping will be before the release date, though that the copy will arrive at your address in time!

Find my shop here!

EP release

16th April 2016

I'm happy to finally announce the release date of my EP "NO TURNING BACK": It's the 13th May 2016 - during the next weeks I'll give you more informations!


24th December 2015

I wish all of you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! :)

Autographed Cards

14th October 2015

Finally I have my new autograph cards - just write me an eMail if you are interested: [email protected] :)

Looking for a Band

23th September 2015

You're looking for a singer? I'm looking for a band!
- (semi-)professional (no hobby musicians)
- genre Melodic Metal/Power Metal/Heavy Metal etc.
- age approx. between end 20th and mid 30th
- Where? Everywhere! When it works, we'll find a solution.

If you are interested, write me a mail: [email protected]

You can find the official teaser for "Book of Lies" now on YouTube. Leave a comment if you like to. ;)

I'm happy to announce that "Book of Lies" is now available. You can download my single on all common platforms.



I'm happy to announce that my first single "Book of Lies" will be released on 24th July.

The song will be available as download on all common platforms. I will keep you updated and give you the direct links later.

Single Release

04th July 2015

My first single will be published soon - more infos will follow! :)

Autograph Cards

20 June 2015

Unfortunately I have no autograph cards atm... :-/
If they are in stock again, I will inform you about it here!


04th October 2014

The rumors are true - I'm working on my first own songs. Further information will follow!

Duet with Herzparasit 2

29 March 2015

The new album "Gifttherapie" by Herzparasit is available from 04.04.2014 - including our duet "Was dein Herz verspricht".

Duet with Herzparasit

15th March 2015

The duet "Was dein Herz verspricht" with Herzparasit is available from 28.03.2014 as download in all common portals.


01th February 2014

ALWAYS UP TO DATE: I'm always opened to new music projects. If you are interested in a collaboration just write me! :)


11th January 2014

Unfortunately I had to sort out my old guestbook. You can find the old entries here.